Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Management Services Review By Small Business and Employees

American Management Services offers advice to small businesses. American Management Services finds money for small businesses. Despite being in business for 20 years, there is really not much information on American Management Services.

American Management Services states that American Management Services maintains offices in Waltham, MA, Orlando, FL, Rochester, NY and Washington, DC and their web site claims that they employ 120 people. I could find no listings for offices in New York, maybe American Management Services web site needs to be updated.

American Management Services appears to target small, family-owned businesses, and may specialize in inventory control engagements, electrical contractors, and finding money for small business. American Management Services is broken into three customer facing groups, the telemarketing field group "Partner America", it is their job is to sell an analysis of your business for a small fee, generally around $500. The analyst group may spend several weeks looking for problems, and stated or not, their goal is to bring in the third group, the consultants. A review of job listings for American Management Services finds that the analyst position is ususally listed as "pay for performance" which suggests commissions would be involved.

It is unlikely that the $500 fee would cover the transportation and hotel costs for an analyst.

Therefore, the upfront fee is not a likely primary revenue stream for the firm.

How do they find the problems in your company? Simple, they ask you. Most of the time the owner knows the problem, but lacks the discipline to list the steps to correct it. At the end of the analysis, you will be asked to fix your problem. If you can fix it yourself, why haven't you fixed it before? If you aren't sure if you can fix it, you can engage their consultants at their prevailing rate, or shop around for a better rate. But how can you tell what you are getting in any event, other than their offered references, there is little information on American Management Services.

The purpose of this page is to get feedback from firms that have dealt with American Management Services and decided not to engage their services, those who have engaged their services, and from employees, past and present, to provide insight as to how the company operates so that you can make an informed decision regarding engaging their people for a preliminary study, an actual engagement, or for employment.

In order to post an opinion, you must certify the information you are providing is true and may be asked to provide proof of your dealings with American Management Services either by copy of a contract, paystub, or letter which you have sent or recieved from American Management Services. If you are considering an engagement of American Management Services you may find it beneficial to read the accounts here to help you make a decision regarding American Management Services. If you are considering employment with American Management Services, you may find value in the information provided by present and past employees.

What was your experience with American Management Services? Feel free to provide an honest objective and provable synopsis regarding your experience with Partner America/AMS, it is helpful to post your name on your post, but if you request anonymity (and have provided proof of your assertion) I will respect that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

American Management Services Review

This blog is to allow companies, employees, ex-employees to comment on the quality of personnel and services offered by American Management Services. In searching the net for information on the firm, there is very little information on a firm that is reportedly over 20 years old. Can anybody provide insight on this firm based on Orlando, Florida?